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Product Information:

Tic Tock's Circus Mobile Escape Room

$550 for a 3-hour Rental.

$100 each additional hour

You are reserving only 1 room of our Old West Trailer called Tic Tock's Circus! You will ONLY have access to this one room.

Have a professional Escape Room at your next party or event! Our Tic Tock's Circus Escape Room has several puzzles to solve and is a great team building event. Up to 6 people can enter each room of the trailer at one time. We can play 5minute, 15minute, 30minute, or 1hour long games. Test your skills and see if you can escape! 

Great for ALL Ages. We have simple puzzles that we can play for the younger kids, and more complex puzzles for adults! Our trailer rents for a 3 hour minimum. Call our office for more info!

What is The Escape Room Trailer Based on (The Story)?

Tic Tock's Circus

A long lost uncle, the world renowned Ringleader Tick Tock, has left you a mysterious prize in his last will. Before the priceless object becomes yours, this ringleader wants you to know and love his circus as he did. As one of the greatest showman on earth, your uncle set up an extravagant carnival game to prove you are worthy of his treasure. Could it be fame, fortune, diamonds, or gems? The clock is ticking, so don't clown around too much, there's only a short period of time to solve his game before the circus packs up and heads to the next town!


  • Standard Electrical Outlet
  • Safe place to park a 35ft long trailer
  • The trailer comes with an operator that will stay at your event and be in the trailer with the participants.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:

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