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63ft Blue Crush Obstacle Course (WET)
63ft Blue Crush Obstacle Course (WET) 63ft Blue Crush Obstacle Course (WET) 63ft Blue Crush Obstacle Course (WET) 63ft Blue Crush Obstacle Course (WET)

63ft Blue Crush Obstacle Course (WET)


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Our Blue Tropical Combo w/ Obstacle course features 30 ft of obstacles for racing, a 13 x13 bouncing area, and finally a double lane water slide into a pool at the end!

Product Reviews:

  • 7/18/20TamaraThe kids loved this giant inflatable! The mix of obstacle course, bounce house, & water slide makes it perfect for all ages. The kids were exhausted at the end of the night from playing so hard. Our kids ages ranged from 2 to 16, and they all loved it!

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